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4 Reasons Working with Remote Developers May Be Better Than Working With a Local One


4 Reasons Working With Remote Developers May Be Better Than Working With a Local One

Sofmen works with large and small businesses throughout the United States.  We often have prospects tell us that they would prefer to work with a local developer rather than a remote one.  Their reasoning is sound; they want to meet face-to-face. There is an inherent trust factor when you are able to look someone in the eye. But in actuality, businesses may have more success working with Sofmen.

Here’s why:

Reason 1 – Talent:

The talent pool in most local areas is not adequate to find all the necessary skills that go into developing software applications.  In the United States, there is a lot of competition for companies to hire top-notch programmers. Most of the gifted designers and engineers are snapped up by large tech companies and, therefore not available at the local level.

Therefore, it is extremely rare to find a local company that has the breadth of talent needed to successfully and cost-effectively build custom software and mobile applications.  These skills can only be found at a larger firm such as Sofmen:

  1. Database and System Architect
  2. Server Engineer
  3. UI/UX Design
  4. Graphic Artists
  5. Multiple Programming Languages
  6. Security Expertise
  7. Quality Assurance Testing

Sofmen hires only individuals with a degree in computer science and who are proficient in one or more programming languages.  Employees then undergo an extensive training program. We assign a project manager and a full team to each of our projects to include expertise in all the skills listed above.

Reason 2 – Cost

Because of the competition in hiring skilled software designers and engineers, available talent at the local level is not only scarce, it is expensive.  For that reason, the cost of developing your project with a local firm will necessarily be higher. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is true and can be applied here.  If you find a local company that is also low-cost, you will not likely have a good outcome.

Sofmen employs a full team in India, where there is a larger talent pool of highly skilled designers, programmers, and engineers. You will work directly with our US-based project management and engineering team during your normal business hours. This ensures the delivery of project excellence.

Reason 3 – Faster Completion Time

Small firms will take longer to complete a project. That is because they don’t have the manpower to simultaneously work on different aspects of a single project or work on multiple projects at the same time. When working with just an individual (which is the typical scenario when working with a local developer), the timeline can become very long. In fact, most projects can be completed in less than half the time when a team works on it vs. an individual.

Sofmen’s process allows rapid, risk-free development and enables us to complete 99% of our projects within the timeline quoted.

Reason 4 – Error Free Delivery:

Quality assurance is an important factor you can only find by doing testing. If a company is using the same person to program and test, errors will likely be missed.

Sofmen has dedicated Quality Assurance and security experts that ensure your project is delivered with proper security measures and error-free.

Additional Considerations

When selecting a software developer, you are entering into a relatively long-term partnership relationship.  It is very important that you select a firm you’ll be able to work with for the duration of the project and beyond.  The following are additional things you should look into when selecting a developer.

Length of Time in Business:  Fortunately, as is the case in most industries, inferior companies do not stay in business long. They are naturally weeded out.  So when you find a company that has been in business for more than ten years, it must be doing something right.

Sofmen was founded in the United States in  2005 and has over 15 years of experience and created hundreds of software and mobile applications.

Satisfied & Repeat Customers: But experience isn’t the only important attribute; finding a company that has independently verified satisfied customers is also essential.

Many of Sofmen’s clients are repeat customers who choose to continue working with us once we complete their first project.  Our track record is proven by testimonials given by outside sources.

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How To Work With A Remote Developer

One of the keys to working with anyone, whether they are local or remote, is to establish solid lines of communication.

Weekly (or more frequent) Meetings: Communication is the key to working with a remote developer.  With today’s collaboration tools, it is possible to do screen shares, meet face-to-face via a video conferencing tool, and document and share information in real-time.  This is just as important with a local company as it is with a remote firm. Meetings should be scheduled on a weekly or even more frequent basis and this schedule should be strictly adhered to.

Set Timeline: Creating a timeline is also an important ingredient to successful development.  Again, it is just as important for a local firm to have a timeline for each step of the process as it is for a a remote developer.  The timeline needs to include verifiable milestones. This means you, as the client, need to be able to see, test or use the aspect of the system that has been completed.

Ability to Work Real-Time:  One of the difficulties in working with a remote developer is time zone differences.  Your developer must be able to work with you during your regular business hours and not vice versa.  One of the benefits of working with Sofmen is you’ll work with and communicate directly with your project manager and head software engineer during your work hours.  Our programming team will be able to complete the work required often overnight.

Caution Signs

Once you begin working with a developer, hopefully all will be smooth sailing.  There are some signs to look for early in the relationship. If you encounter any problems, you may think you are stuck, but that is not the case.  It is better to discontinue working with a company if you do not feel the relationship is going well.

No Defined Process:  Software development requires a well-defined process. Your developer should have their process defined and should be able to describe it to you ahead of time.  If you find that steps are being missed or there is not a well-defined plan, you may need to look elsewhere.

Missed Deadlines: While sometimes a missed deadline may be due to an unexpected circumstance, usually a missed deadline is indication of future problems.

Unresponsiveness: Communication is essential.  If your emails and calls are going unanswered, you know you have a problem.  You should receive a response to your inquiries within a single business day.  If not, either your developer is too busy doing other work or they are avoiding you.

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to change developers, Sofmen will help.  We have taken over many partially completed projects. We have the ability to quickly understand your need and we get up-to-speed fast.  Often we can complete your project much faster than originally planned.

Why Sofmen

With over 15 years experience and hundreds of satisfied clients varying in size from Fortune 500 to small business startups, Sofmen will provide you with the excellence you expect from a software developer.  Our well-defined process, breadth and depth of skills and dedication to transparent communication means your project will be completed right, on-time and within budget. Give us a try! Call 844-592-4033.

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