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If You’re Not Mobile, You’re Not Anything

mobile application

Unless you’re living in a cave, you already know that mobile phone usage is omnipresent. People use their mobile devices for everything! To listen to music, take pictures, find their way, stay in touch and access the internet.

It’s the last item on the list businesses should be concerned with; how much are people using their mobile phones to access the internet?  Is mobile used more than desktops these days to search for your business?

According to data from Statistica, in 2018, 52.2 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones, up from 50.3 percent in the previous year. That means people are using mobile more than desktop.

Do the above stats translate to B2B buyers?

study by Google and The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) shows that they do.  The report states that 50% or more of B2B search queries are conducted using smartphones and that percentage could grow up to 70% over the next few years.  What’s more, mobile usage drives or influences more than 40% of revenue in leading B2B companies and more than 60% of users reported that mobile research contributed significantly to a recent purchase.

This is why having a great mobile experience is so important to your business’s online presence.  Here are eight things you should do:

  1. Use a Fluid (Responsive) Layout to Optimize for All Screen Sizes
  2. Don’t Block CSS, JavaScript or Images
  3. Optimize Your Website for Speed
  4. Design for Small Screen
    • Use Readable Fonts
    • Keep Titles Short
    • Create Finger Friendly Layouts
  5. Don’t Use Popups
  6. Don’t Use Flash
  7. Do Local Search Engine Optimization:Include City, State, and Business information in Content and Tags (title, heading, URL, ALT tags, Meta description, main content, etc.)
  8. Consider Building a Mobile App or Progressive Web App to take advantage of Push Notifications and Heightened User Experience