Like No Other Software Application Developer

Sofmen is truly different!  We are like no other software application developer you have experienced building web-based applications or mobile apps.  That is because we view each of our clients as a business partner, not just as a job.  We take time to work with you to learn your businesses and discover solutions to your problems.

Our experience demonstrates this.  We have built advanced applications and provided architectural guidance to large companies like Electronic Arts, RealNetworks, SlingBox and Phoenix Technologies. But we also work with entrepreneurs, business start-ups, small and mid-sized businesses.  There is no job too large or too small; we can handle them all.

Unique Onshore/Offshore Software & Application Developer

The unique hybrid model of onshore and offshore development that we employ means you get the best of two worlds.  You’ll be working with our U.S. based team of project architects, account managers and developers. We are available during your normal working hours.  You’ll also benefit from our very talented, high-caliber software developers based in India.  Often our programmers complete tasks overnight so they are ready for you to review in the morning.  This combination of global technical expertise and business agility results in both lower costs AND higher quality.

Whether you need a large-scale enterprise solution,  web development, data warehousing, systems integration, technical communications, infrastructure management, or a prototype of your mobile or web-based application, Sofmen will be the software and application developer partner you need to create exactly what you need.

Tell us what we can do for you:


The leadership team at Sofmen both in the United States and in India are committed to helping companies use technology to improve their processes. While everyone on the team is willing to put in whatever time it takes to deliver the excellence our customers expect, we also strive to maintain a healthy work/life balance. It helps that we love what we do, and it shows in our approach when working with our clients. We also encourage our teams to spend time outside of work doing what they love and spending time with family and friends.


Anuj moved to the Bay Area in 1999 after successfully running his own software development company in India for over 10 years. He founded Sofmen in 2002 as a way to collaboratively work with hi-tech companies. This allowed them the ability to leverage the high level of talent and relatively lower cost available in India.

While working in the US, Anuj witnessed the clear gap between the sales pitch from other software and application developer outsourcing companies and what they actually delivered as the final product. He could see how cultural, communications, and time-zone differences made outsourcing a difficult and even painful task. That is when he decided to establish an offshore development center. In this way he works with clients in real-time.  He and also fills in the cultural gap between U.S. and India.

Startups and In Depth Projects Fuel Passion

“My passion helped me gain deep knowledge of managing software development in a global environment. While working with companies like, I had extensive exposure & experience working in a startup environment.  The thought processes are dynamic, ideas are continuously evolving, timelines are tight and the budgets are limited. Even so, the final outcome is amongst the best!”

Anuj Khandelwal - Application Developer and Architect

Anuj is married to Ekta and they have two boys. Passionate about technology and a self-taught programmer, he still rolls up his sleeves to program. Apart from work, he enjoys road trips, music, food, his family and friends.

Joel Pyska - Application Developer & Account Manager

Joel and his wife Jessica live in Cobb California with their two children; a boy and a girl. As a family, they enjoy outdoor adventures, gardening, cooking and a little woodworking.

Joel loves helping people figure out the specifics of what they need and how it should be delivered. As an Account Manager (one of his many roles) he bridges the gap between lay understanding of technology and the extensive knowledge of application development. His background as a Quality Assurance Engineer ensures Sofmen customers get the finished product that will do exactly as they need.

But Joel didn’t originally intend to get into technology.  In fact he graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a major in chemistry. Upon graduating, he was intrigued by what was, at the time, a new-ish phenomena, the World Wide Web. His fascination turned into a profession when he started doing software testing, load & performance testing, and managing large scale software projects.



Sofmen’s mission is to be a true application developer partner to our clients. We do that by providing them with our complete understanding of their business model. This allows us to develop excellent applications and provide exceptional programming whether for small projects or at the enterprise level.


We deliver high quality, affordable software projects to our customers, large and small,  on time, within budget, and completely tested to their specifications.

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