Let's Make Outsourcing Work For Your Business
Our experience, accountability, and innovation will bring your ideas to life and help your business grow.
Product Development, Cloud and SAAS Applications, Web, Mobile, and Wearable Apps
We take care of everything from concept development to testing, maintenance, and even staff augmentation.
In-Depth Managerial and Operational Expertise
We understand more than tech; we understand business. Reliability, transparency, communication, time management, and cost control are as important to us as they are to you.
Unique Onshore/Offshore Model
Our U.S.-based leadership team works seamlessly with our development team in India to provide both the personalized service you expect and the cost advantages of working offshore.
Our Clients
We help entrepreneurs, startups, and middle-market companies add value to their businesses and scale up development strategies.
Outsourcing Done Right! 
  • What we do

    We become our clients’ outsourced software engineering team, providing the expertise and guidance necessary for launching new software products and maintaining and enhancing existing software platforms.

  • How we do it

    We partner closely with our clients from the first day to ensure that our deliverables meet their business goals.

  • How we're different

    We aren’t just another outsourcing firm churning out cookie-cutter products. We love challenging, disruptive projects, and we aren’t happy until you’re satisfied.

  • Who we are

    Founded in 2002, we’re a software development firm with headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area and a development center in India.

What We Do

Sofmen provides a full range of software development services, becoming our clients’ outsourced software engineering team. We specialize in developing the architecture for large, complex systems with heavy backend support. We also develop mobile apps (iOS, Android, and wearables) and web products (UI and also backend products like database and API development). Our cross-industry expertise includes social, healthcare, publishing, entertainment, multimedia, and e-commerce.

How We Do It

“Outsourcing Done Right” is about a lot more than delivering to the specs our clients provide. We partner with them from the very first conversation to make sure that the final product will ultimately meet their needs. Our U.S.-based software architects have over 20 years of experience. We know what works and what doesn’t, so we’re able to guide our clients in the right direction.

We also know that our clients want the service of a U.S.-based support team with the cost savings that can be obtained through outsourcing. It’s that insight that inspired our model. Once we’ve clarified a project’s goals, we bring in our offshore team and facilitate every step of the development process from our San Francisco headquarters.

How We’re

We believe outsourcing should never be a hassle. That’s why our motto is “Outsourcing Done Right.” We manage and direct every interaction with our offshore team, facilitating everything from project setup to quality assurance, while still maintaining full transparency and giving you as much visibility into the process as you desire. We’ve even created a Silicon Valley-style culture in our offshore facility to encourage our developers’ creativity and innovation.

Who We Are

We’re a bunch of technology geeks with over 20 years of industry experience from companies like Rhapsody and RealNetworks. We also know a lot about outsourcing, with all of its benefits and drawbacks. We enjoy nothing more than diving elbows-deep into a new project and surpassing a client’s expectations, and we’re passionate about delivering quality products that add value. We believe that last part is crucial – no matter how technically brilliant a product is, it’s a failure if it doesn’t deliver value for the client.

Why We
Should Talk

If you need to ramp up your innovation and development but are reluctant to take the outsourcing plunge, we should definitely talk. Through our technical expertise, architectural and strategic advice, solid execution, and a model that removes all of the obstacles that can make outsourcing fail, we deliver “Outsourcing Done Right.”