Top Ten Reasons To Use Sofmen

If this is your first time working with a software and application developer on a project, you will love how easy it is to work with Sofmen.  You will experience immediate rapport with your assigned team; and you will be comforted to know they ‘get-it’.  Your account manager will ask all the right questions and keep asking them, to ensure we fully grasp what you need and can deliver it to you flawlessly. You’ll be astonished at how quickly we understand your business model and employ our knowledge to create the system you need to your specifications.

If you’ve worked with a developer in the past; whether U.S. Based or outsourced from another country, you already know some of the perils you can face; abandoned projects, projects that are drawn out forever, work that has been completed incorrectly, endless change orders that blow your budget. NOT AT SOFMEN!

Whether you need a large-scale enterprise solution, web development, data warehousing, systems integration, technical communications, infrastructure management, or a prototype of your mobile or web-based application, Sofmen will partner with you to create exactly what you need.

1. Project Delivery

  • We deliver greater than 95% projects at or before the agreed upon deadline and within the agreed budget. Exceptions are generally beyond our control.
  • We delivered 100% of projects at specification. This is especially important because our customers depend on our skills and abilities to ensure a great product!

2. Process Discipline

  • We use the Agile/Scrum methodology which allows rapid development and a reduction of risk.
  • Software that works is the primary measure of progress and success. This means that our customers benefit from projects that are delivered on time, on budget and at specification.

3. Cost-Reduction Expectations

  • Traditional IT outsourcing claims a 30-40% reduction in overall costs; we have achieved a 60 to 70% cost reduction for our customers!
  • Our cost reduction is usually achieved in the first month, which is unique in the industry. This is largely due to our 90% employee retention which reduces the learning curve of our employees.
  • We cross-train employees on processes, systems and technologies

4. Data Security/Protection

  • Our customer’s information and privacy is paramount; therefore we’ve taken the highest levels of precaution to secure it.
  • We take the same measures to ensure your customers are protected when using the products we build for you.

5. No Scope Creep

  • Our developers and programmers are comfortable with a moving target! Our team understands that scopes can change so we easily adapt without throwing all we’ve done out the window.
  • Sofmen’s U.S. based project managers and architects reduce the opportunity for scope creep.
  • We communicate consistently which ensures that every project deliverable is tracked and monitored. If there is any deviation from a given project plan, Sofmen’s project managers immediately communicate with the customer to find a reasonable solution.

6. Innovative

  • We work very closely with your team to completely understand your business processes and needs. We are then able to offer innovative technological solutions specifically tailored to your business.
  • Our team is young, vibrant, and welcoming of new ideas which we directly incorporate in our solutions. Change requests don’t bother us.

7. US Based Project Management

  • Sofmen’s U.S.-based project managers work with your company to help facilitate and accelerate project delivery.
  • Your point of contact is available anytime allowing you to meet to discuss your project or have us answer your questions during regular U.S. business hours.

8. US Principal

  • Sofmen’s leadership team, including founder, Anuj Khandelwal, is based in the U.S.
  • All of our off-shore employees are trained in U.S. practices, customs and language.
  • Our teams fully understand our U.S. customer base which is important to obtain the cultural alignment that ensures customer needs and satisfaction are met.

9. Knowledge Transfer

  • Sofmen has a rapid deployment plan which enables companies to transfer knowledge up to 10 times faster than with our competition.
  • We begin with a customer-focused architect who understands your system. The architect creates a roadmap for knowledge transfer. The offshore team is quickly infused with this business knowledge allowing them to ramp up quickly.
  • Combining U.S. customer focused architects, with highly trained, process driven deployment teams ensures that customer information and knowledge is transferred quickly and easily, reducing the inefficiencies seen with other IT off-shoring organizations.

10. Retained Business Knowledge

  • Sofmen is sensitive to the business knowledge that resides with its customers and their staff.
  • We understand that much of this proprietary information is what gives you your competitive advantage. Therefore, we have implemented practices to make sure our customers’ business knowledge is never compromised.
  • Our employee turnover is low – almost non-existent! We have more than a 90% retention rate in our development team a 100% retention rate at the executive level.
  • With such a low turnover rate, you will not have to deal with new faces in the middle of a project unless they are added due to an increased project scale.

How We Work With You

At the backend, In India, we have a fully employed team of well trained, technologically updated human resources; converting product requirements into quality program codes and framework. We have a fully dedicated T-1 internet connection and maintain a detailed knowledge-base to ensure information accessibility.

As an organization, we follow a flat structure to facilitate open communication, spotting talent and providing opportunity at levels making employees contribute to their full potential.

We use a three tier responsive technical human resources structure:

  1. Team leads
  2. Senior managers
  3. Engineers

This structure allows us to be very effective on projects and allow career-paths keeping employees motivated. All technical staff at Sofmen have Master’s Degrees in computer science, and are proficient in one or more programming languages. In addition every employee must have a strong understanding of databases, and how to use a variety of different software frameworks, allowing us to deploy them on variety of projects.

We have a detailed training calendar that ensures that the staff goes through a minimum of six months of training before being deployed on a customer project. This helps technical staff understand our technologies and best practices before being deployed on customer projects. Our annual training calendar incorporates training needs on the latest technologies, which allows us to dynamically allot them to projects and maintain the agreed quality, cost, and timelines.

Technical teams at Sofmen:

  • System architects
  • Project managers
  • Server Engineers
  • UI Engineers
  • Software engineers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Designers and User Experience Experts

Price Structure

Depending on your need, Sofmen has different ways to structure the pricing:

  • Fixed Cost: If the requirements are clearly defined, we can estimate and deliver the project on fixed cost basis.
  • Time and Materials: If the requirements are open-ended or will likely change as development progresses, it is best to engage on a Time and Materials basis.
  • Staff Augmentation: Need to fill out your requirements? Sofmen can provide your company with Full-Time dedicated resources that exceed your expectations. The staff will work from our office and will be provided with office space, computers, Human Resources and career / training development as needed.

How We Work With Our Teams

Sofmen seeks and attracts only the best! We have a large team of full-time, well-trained, programmers and developers working in our state-of-the-art facility in Indore, India.  All technical staff members at Sofmen have a Master’s Degree in computer science, and are proficient in one or more programming languages. Additionally, every employee must have a strong understanding of databases, and how to use a variety of different software frameworks.

Beyond undergoing an extensive six-month technical training program, our teams also learn about and embrace the American culture. This allows them to fully understand our clients and better implement their strategies.

 Our three-tier responsive technical staff structure:

We follow a flat organizational structure to facilitate open communication, thus allowing us to be very effective on projects:

  1. Team leads
  2. Senior managers
  3. Engineers

Beyond being effective for client communications, this system is also motivational for our teams!  It defines a clear career-path and provides opportunity at all levels.  This in turn encourages our employees to contribute to their full potential.


Technical teams at Sofmen:

The technical talents of Sofmen’s teams run the gamut of all the skills necessary to provide excellence to our clients.  We employ:

  • System architects
  • Project managers
  • Server Engineers
  • UI Engineers
  • Software engineers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Designers and User Experience Experts

It is not all-work and no play!

While our work is important, we are also firm believers in maintaining a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Downtime is as important as worktime.  That’s why we strive to have a normal work week for our employees.  This is often unheard of at other India-based outsourcing agencies. Obviously, when there are deadlines to meet, we do whatever is necessary during crunch-time. That’s just the nature of the beast. However, we employee enough staff to ensure everyone can take the time off they need.

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