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Salesforce Case Study – CPQ & Billing

Salesforce CPQ and Billing Implementation

By leveraging Salesforce Lightning, CPQ & Billing, this maker of electronic devices was able to overcome sales challenges by transforming from a per-unit purchase to a monthly  subscription model for sales.

Client Profile

The client, who requires anonymity for security and privacy reasons, is a manufacturer of a broad use, web-enabled electronic device. 

Business Challenge

Despite having a seasoned sales team, sales were flat. The sales team was using Salesforce Cloud as their CRM. By examining sales trends, it was determined that prospects were dropping out of the pipeline because of price resistance.  End-users were reluctant to invest upfront in this piece of equipment.

Additionally, each of their potential clients has a very unique model and requires customized solutions and pricing. Therefore each proposal and quote was different and needed to be built  

Project Objective

Rather than sell the device outright, the company explored the idea of using a subscription model so users could license the product for a monthly fee rather than own it.

The client