With twenty years experience in software application development, we have a bandwidth of technical expertise and capabilities that provide solutions across all the industry verticals and business needs.

We have a talented team regularly trained on advance knowledge and skills sets that help keep development curve ahead.

Mobile App Development

Mobile Applications are the next window of opportunity for your business.  Your company needs a development strategy to reach out the ever increasing consumption and transaction happening on smart and mobile platforms. We will apply proven expertise to have your customers, employees or partners interacting 24/7 via their iPhone’s and Android devices.

We can help build your mobile offerings as you focus on your core business and solve the integration issues to develop a mobile solution. Our Solutions are built for:

  • Mobile Application Development Solutions for
    • Entrepreneur’s – Have a great idea and need an experienced team to help execute your vision?
    • Start-Ups – Want to focus on your core technology and still have a mobile application?
    • Small and medium sized Business ( SMBs) – Have an existing website and want to go mobile
  • Mobile Application Development Services
    • iPhone Application Development
    • iPad Application Development
    • Android Application Development
    • Mobile Optimized Websites
    • Custom Mobile Solutions
  • Project Experience
    • Interactive Next Gen Mobile/Wireless solutions
    • Architected and built a wireless application integration system
    • Music Downloads
    • Watch TV
    • Manage contacts
    • Gather and send video and images
    • Shop via an e-commerce application

Content Management System (CMS)

Sofmen has a wide range of experience implementing content management systems (CMS), from building custom CMS for enterprise or internal projects to developing websites using Joomla and WordPress, the top open source web CMS. Regardless of your application, a CMS has many benefits:

  • Allows for a large number of people to contribute to and share stored data
  • Controls access to data, based on user roles. User roles define what information each user can view or edit
  • Aids in easy storage and retrieval of data

In a CMS, data or content, can be almost anything – documents, images, music, videos, to anything you can think of and can range from website content to digital records management. Once a CMS is setup, managing this data becomes simplified and streamlined.

Using a CMS, Sofmen can quickly build custom websites and powerful web-based applications. Some of the many benefits include

  • Ease and speed of development, equals cost savings for our clients.
  • Maintainability, clients can easily update their own website by adding new articles and editing content without any expensive development costs because it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage.
  • Best of all, Joomla and WordPress, are open source solutions that are freely available to everyone.

Business Applications

You may have read about our advanced knowledge and skills around Web 3.0 and Social Networks. You should see our solid business application skills. While we pride ourselves on cutting edge applications, we fully realize that business applications are the foundation for more advanced solutions. Sofmen’s foundation is built on providing business applications for our customers. Sofmen’s business application expertise is broad and deep:

  • Complete architecture and strategy for a variety of business applications.
  • Scalable infrastructure development.
  • Back to front end functionality.
  • Web front-ends for business applications including simple user interface deployment.
  • E-commerce capability including back-end functionality.
  • Custom application development.

Wearable Technology App Development

Wearable technology is the next big thing for businesses. Complete mobility and the ability to provide seamless integration of products and services to the customer would define success of the business in the near SMART future. Our solutions for wearable tech are:

  • App development solutions for iOS and Android powered wearable devices.
  • Equipped to develop wearable app or make the present apps compatible with the wearable devices
  • Design & prototyping for wearable apps, while following a minimalistic design approach (Given small screen size) to create engaging user experiences for wearable apps.
  • We work with bootstrapping entrepreneurs, startups and large enterprises to build applications for wearable’s
  • A team of dedicated engineers who develop wearable technology app and already have a considerable amount of expertise in the area


E-commerce is where the Internet rubber meets the road. Nothing is more important than a scalable, user-friendly e-commerce system which can either act like a 24/7 cash register for your company or become a rusted-out abandoned shopping cart in the parking lot of cyberspace. Sofmen builds end to end e-commerce systems and sites as part of an overall customer solution.

Sofmen has built full-functionality e-commerce systems for a variety of companies:

  • Scalable e-commerce hosting solutions.
  • Simple user interfaces.
  • Credit Card processing functionality.
  • E-commerce Demos.
  • Back-end Admin Panels.
  • E-commerce Templates.
  • Full online product catalogues.
  • Payment and shipping systems with shipper integration.
  • Newsletters, blogs, RSS feeds and more.

Social Networking

Experience: Sofmen’s Social Networking design expertise is vast. Sofmen realized Social Networks were positive and permanent trends and decided to concentrate on advanced Social Network services and subsequent attributes to capture market share.

Projects: Sofmen has designed and built entire performance-based, scalable Social Networking services. Sofmen’s work ranges from multimedia processing to full integration of existing membership systems including web 2.0 front ends. Sofmen is a top Social Network builder and design service.

Social Network Design Expertise:

  • Architecture and complete design of Social Network Systems
  • Facebook Connect and Custom Facebook Applications
  • Database and application development & deployment
  • Membership system
  • Data feeds to process incoming content for entertainment applications like Karaoke lyrics and music.
  • Integration with Photo and Video Sharing websites such as Flickr, Picasa, and YouTube
  • Front end web development
  • Flash player development with all the metadata it needed to play the music and display the lyrics
  • E-commerce component including integration
  • Custom address book import mechanism for Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook and AOL
  • Server side components that will take user recorded songs, pass them through mixers and publish them on the CDN Syndication
  • Complete Social Network outsourcing
  • Rating, favorites, and usage features and analytic statistics
  • Coordination of different teams working from different locations
  • User Forum Functionality
  • Optimization for scalability, stability and performance

Open Source

By taking advantage of open source applications, Sofmen can help you develop high quality, secure and custom applications at an affordable cost. Along with cost savings, using open source applications provides significant time savings, and allows for a more rapid development cycle. As we know, web-based applications typically require faster development cycles and multiple integration points. Sofmen takes advantage of cost and time saving open source technologies in all aspects of development, from planning to quality assurance. We possess the expertise and experience to implement complex IT solutions, by integrating and customizing various open source products for our clients. Here are some open source applications we use:

  • Java, PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache, Tomcat
  • Eclipse
  • SugarCRM
  • Selenium, Webload, Bugzilla, Mantis
  • Joomla, Magento
  • Amazon Web Services EC2/S3

Web 2.0 / 3.0

Web design, applications and functionality are changing at an astonishing pace. Sofmen continually advances its knowledge and skill sets to stay ahead of the latest technologies while we all travel from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. Talk to us and we’ll help you understand how to improve your web presence. Sofmen has demonstrated advanced web application development in the following areas:

Architected and built a full online community for a leading gaming company where creative people entertain their friends and the world enabling users to create virtual images, upload video, sing karaoke and mash everything together.

  • Multimedia processing
  • Full integration of the existing membership system
  • Integrated an e-commerce system
  • Social networking elements
  • Data feeds to process incoming content for Karaoke lyrics and tunes
  • We developed the page and provided the flash player with all the metadata it needed to play the tune, display the lyrics and also developed the server side component that will take the user recorded song, pass it through the mixer and publish it on the CDN.
  • Architected and developed advanced web elements for a scalable, leading Avatar service.
  • Developed the page and provided the flash player with all the metadata it needed to play the tune, display the lyrics
  • Built the server side component that will take the user recorded song, pass it through the mixer and publish it on the CDN
  • Optimized entire platform for scalability, stability and performance
  • User base is over 2.8 million
  • Developed forum infrastructure for member communication


Our core development skills range from Java to Open Source using a variety of databases and a large number XML applications. For instance, Sofmen built an extremely scalable application for Phoenix Technologies where millions of PCs now sync with back-end servers sending security policy updates and instructions.  Sofmen has deployed applications using all of the technologies below:

  • Java 2 Enterprise Edition, Java 2 Micro Edition.
  • Databases : MySQL 4.0/5.0, Oracle 8i/9i.
  • Application/Web Servers: Apache Web Server.
  • Platforms/Operating Systems: Apple MacOS X 10.4, CentOS, Linux, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Server.
  • Programming Languages :C++, CGI, COM, JAVA, PL SQL, PHP, SQL.
  • Web Technologies : DHTML, HTML, JavaScript, Java Servlets, JSP, XML Applications.
  • Client Server Technologies: AJAX, Hibernate, JAVA (Swing), SPRING, STRUTS.
  • Modeling Languages: WireFrames, UML.
  • Creative Design Tools: 3D MAX, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe Photoshop, Coral Draw Image Magic, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash, PhotoPaint.
  • Mobile Technologies: WTK, WML, WAP.
  • Versioning Tools: CVS, SVN.
  • Bug Tracking Tools: BugZilla,Jira, DotProject, SquishList.
  • Miscellaneous Software Tools: Eclipse, Edit Plus, Microsoft Visio, MySQL Client, Oxygen SQLYog.
  • Network Protocols and Security: FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, TCP/IP, TelNet, SMTP, SNMP, SSL.

Media / Entertainment

What’s the Internet without a little fun? Sofmen has been asked by some of the world’s largest entertainment companies to build enjoyable
interactive solutions, which have scalability in the tens of millions. Take a look at our work for leading internet entertainment companies including one of the largest consumer music portals in the world:

Leading Internet Music Portal

  • Architected the internet music platform
  • Built all of the server-side elements of this cross platform digital media site that specializes in audio and specifically Internet music.
  • Engineered great deal of metadata to launch an internet music portal
  • Architected the internet music platform
  • Built all of the metadata backend
  • Engineered serving of all the metadata to the client.
  • Imported content into existing systems
  • Developed Billing and Commerce systems
  • Built subscription and membership systems
  • Full integration application integration
  • Developed the music store which uses the Helix DRM.
  • Developed the service that uses the Windows Media DRM.
  • Helped with the launch of the last 3.0 release
  • Developed a site scrape utility that allowed researching the publisher rights for the tracks by using an automated robot that will login into 6 different sites, perform search for the track, analyze the data retrieved from all the sites and generate a report.
    • Reverse engineering websites and created a robot that can scrape the sites, parse them and generate the results.
    • Designing and developing the rule-based engine to analyze results gathered from multiple sites on the internet.

Consumer Media Application:

  • Putting in place a system that would allow large bandwidth video transport with dynamic connectivity.
  • The system was very scalable and can handle 600 transactions per second.
  • Sofmen built the complete architecture and EPG server, Data Service in the entire server side component system.
  • Used an asp/.net based server component that all the boxes communicate every 5 minutes to send statistical data including the network location where the box is connected.
  • Replaced this windows system with a robust Linux-based server solution that can support additional functionality and scale to millions of nodes.
  • Built the website with backend infrastructure to process the uploaded video file and publish it to a CDN.
  • Integrate the program guide into the player
  • Develop a mechanism that can read the text in the banner of a video clip and search it through the database to associate clips to programs and shows.
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