We have worked for clients on projects with different levels of complexity and helped augment business operations with efficient, reliable and interactive software solutions. Our broad spectrum of in-house technological expertise and in-depth experience makes us an ideal partner to help in developing enterprise grade solutions for our customers across verticals like Healthcare, Education, Entertainment, Retail, Logistics and Travel. From startups to mid-sized organizations to large corporations, we have delivered value at each stage of our engagement.

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Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) is the world’s leading independent developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for advanced console systems such as the Sony PlayStation®, the PSP™ (PlayStation® Portable) system, Xbox 360™ and Xbox® video game system from Microsoft, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo GameCube™, Game Boy® Advance and the Nintendo DS™ as well as PC, casual web-based games and games for mobile phone devices.

Website: www.ea.com


Phoenix Technologies

Phoenix Technologies builds world-class core systems software platforms, tools and application. Phoenix FailSafe is a theft-deterrence product and service that provides the ability to protect, track, and manage lost or stolen mobile computing devices and the data on those devices. PC owners can remotely retrieve, encrypt and erase the vital content stored on their mobile PCs and even remotely disable the device if necessary.

Website: http://www.phoenix.com/


Sims on Stage

The Sims on Stage is Electronic Arts’ online community where creative people entertain their friends and the world. Sims on Stage enables users from around the globe to sing karaoke,upload video, to create virtual images and mash everything together. From the initial inception, the founders for Singshot.com approached Sofmen with a novel idea about an online karaoke site they wanted to build.


Sling Box

Founded in 2004, Sling Media, Inc. is a different kind of consumer electronics company – one that’s working to demystify convergence technologies and to create empowering experiences for the digital media consumer. The focus of Sling Media is to embrace – not replace – existing products and standards by enhancing them with hardware and software that make divergent technologies compatible and greatly improve the consumer experience.



Photo management and delivery platform for school photos.  Using this platform,  photographers take school photos and upload into the web application.  The application has dashboards for School admins, Photographers, and MugsyClick admins to manage everything from service setup, student uploading / ingesting, job management, photograph uploading and matching with students, lab touchups, e-commerce ordering of school photos by parents, and processing / delivery of photographs.

Website: http://www.mugsyclicks.com


Civitas Learning

Civitas partners with higher education leaders to bring together the best of new leading-edge technology, design thinking and data science to help a million more students each year learn well and finish strong.

Sofmen helped behind the scenes by doing serious big data analysis and heavy lifting to help the core Civitas development team meet their deadlines and project goals.

Website: CivitasLearning.com


DataCastle Red

DataCaste is data security firm that protects laptops and mobile devices by backing up all the data, encrypting it, and sending it up into the cloud.  Sofmen built the web based admin front end that the administrator can use with a Web UI in order to administer their company’s policies around protection, and to connect to the data.

Website: DataCastleRed.com


QVO App (Social Polling)

Qvo makes it easy to ask questions, create any type of poll, and to get the feedback and results from people whose opinions you value .

Website: qvoapp.com


HBA Shelf

Ordering system for independent stores that sell health and beauty products.  We built a website, iOS and Android app and integrated with their existing ERP system.  Now we rebuilding the ERP system from scratch to handle all customers, clients, inventory, orders, etc. 

Website: http://www.hbashelf.com

HBA Shelf explainer video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWrsi5avk4c



System for managing and scheduling loan document signings with notaries throughout the USA.  Allows for automated or manual uploading and scheduling of loans to be signed.  Internal tools for tracking, managing, and schedule the jobs.

Website: http://www.fieldchoice.com



HealthSlate’s mission is to help people with chronic diseases maintain their health through highly individualized programs of education, behavior modification and clinical support.  This is accomplished via mobile applications for the clients and web based admin for the doctors and providers.

Sofmen is providing all aspects of development for this exterpise level platform

Website: HealthSlate.com

Real Networks

Rhapsody is a digital music service that lets you listen to whatever you want, whenever you want it. With online music stores, you pay for every track or album, but Rhapsody lets you listen to everything we’ve got for one low monthly price. Rhapsody was the first music subscription service on the market and remains the #1 music subscription service.




Hello Beautiful


HBA Shelf


My Care Plan








Self Care



  • Sofmen built a scalable administrative tool from the scratch. They are a trusted and a reliable partner and we are satisfied with Sofmen’s performance. We think we’re getting a very good value for what we spend. Our collaboration with them is ongoing with no plans to stop!

    Vice President of Engineering Data Security Firm
  • My fears in dealing with an offshore company were around concerns that they wouldn’t work as fast, or they would be working on multiple projects during the time they billed to me. That has not been my experience with them, and they’ve been as available, if not more available, as my onshore development team was. They’ve met the delivery schedule easily. We have regular meetings, and they’re effective meetings. I never feel like I’m being gouged around time or anything. I’ve had a positive experience with them.

    Chief Executive Officer Photography Service
  • Anuj came into a very difficult situation and did a excellent job. He was asked to evaluate an existing high profile internet services development project that was significantly over budget and late. He systematically and diplomatically interviewed all constituents of the team and objectively evaluated the real status. He then prepared a report which was presented to both management and the board which resulted in several million dollars in savings. In my 40 years in high tech management I have rarely worked with a more capable, conscientious or objective technical executive. I highly recommend him.

    Board of Directors, Mentor, Angel Investor
  • Anuj is highly intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated to making a project succeed. He brings creative ideas to the table and also enjoys being challenged. I’ve enjoyed working with him on several projects.  

    Senior Information Architect / UX Strategist
  • Anuj is a man you can trust. That to me is the highest praise one can give. He will deliver what he says he will, and if there are issues he will give you advanced notice. His team is top notch and hard working.We have been totally satisfied in working with Anuj and Sofmen.  

    CEO, Founder at Intelevision
  • I contracted Anuj and his firm to develop a prototype application to automate research. Sofmen delivered the prototype on time and on budget. They also provided additional services outside of the original contract to help us expedite research needed. I recommend Anuj and his firm and would use them again.

    Manager of Content Operations at Google
  • Anuj is a very smart and hard-working person with lots of integrity. He always did top-quality work at Listen.com (where we were co-workers) and he has brought that mindset to his new technology outsourcing company, Sofmen Inc.

    Entrepreneur, Advisor, and Investor
  • Offshoring can be a risky strategic decision, and our team naturally had some apprehensions about offshoring aspects of our development. Anuj and his team went beyond simply assuaging our apprehensions––Anuj was a joy to work with. Anuj was an incredibly quick study, which allowed us to entrust his team with more work than we originally envisioned. Not only is Anuj a good manager, but he is also a talented engineer, unafraid to roll up his sleeves and contribute.

    Civitas Learning
  • Anuj is a seasoned architect with a strong grasp of various aspects of developing a successful product. He excels at backend server and database design and has strong capabilities in Product design as well. If you want to build a web/mobile product that is reliable and scales well, Anuj is the guy you want to build it.

    VP Engineering at Bidgely.com
  • Anuj is one of the most technically competent professional I’ve worked with. He understands the complexity of managing a large scale consumer product and can create solutions that can scale well for it. He can manage all facets of a web based application development. He is also very entrepreneurial and can work tight budgets efficiently.

    Experienced Executive, Entrepreneur & Mentor
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