Get Your Mobile App to Market Fast

Sofmen has one of the fastest rates of taking a mobile app from start-of-project to on-the-market in the industry.   Time is money.  No one understands that better than us.  We will get your iOS app for iPhones and iPads in the Apple Store, or your Android application on Google Play as quickly as possible.

iOS Mobile Applications for iPhone and iPad

Our iOS teams are well-trained in Swift (the programming language used for developing iOS applications).  We undergo constant advanced education in XCode and the iOS SDK. In addition, our UX team follows all of Apple’s guidelines for best practices.  This means your users will experience the best of the unique characteristics created for iOS devices.


Our coding experts have all the expertise needed to develop for Android devices and we stay up-to-date on the latest.  We also understand that designing for Android has its own unique factors because there are far more Android devices types.  We develop for all of them.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

If you need a mobile app that will be usable on all mobile devices; iOS, Android and Windows, we can help!  While there are advantages to creating native applications for iOS and Android, there are also advantages to creating one mobile application that will work on all platforms at once.  We will discuss with you which is the best for your particular needs.