We have in-depth experience building customer software applications using specialized technology solutions – both open source and enterprise technologies, enabling next Generation online communities, retail stores, customer-vendor relationships and much more.

We have worked on business intelligence, where we have built data marts, data warehouses, and have developed extract transform and load (ETL) processes with front end visualization.

Our projects consist of large scale systems, involving significant database design including building data models and database schemas – Built for scalability and reliability


  • We build powerful applications using both open source and enterprise technologies for next generation of online custom applications, enabling online communities, retail stores, customer-vendor relationships and more
  • Custom building software systems to solve unique business challenges
  • web application expertise including billing, subscription and license/entitlement management systems
  • Building an authentication system allowing a variety of different levels of users to authenticate an access content based on their user profile
  • Application bridging web systems for social networks entertainment and other community-style systems
  • large scale systems involving significant database design including building data models and database schemas
  • Building database models that are always built for extensibility and scalability and database work extending into business intelligence, building data marts, data Warehouses and extract transform and load (ETL) processes with front end visualization.


  • Integrate applications into legacy and disparate corporate infrastructure using modern tools like SOAP, XML and backend batch processes bringing together data from across enterprise and making it available to a third party
  • Provide dashboard-views of your organization for decision making
  • Customize and integrating a variety of applications to support and automate business processes
  • Customize a variety of software packages in e-commerce, customer relationship management, and content management
  • Customize off the shelf package deployments to fit individual and unique business processes
  • Integrate data from disparate applications for executive’s decision making and providing comprehensive views of organizations performance
  • Integrate a wide variety of applications ranging from COBOL-based legacy systems to high-performance e-commerce sites and complex billing ystems
  • Integrate internet entertainment systems with common billing and membership elements.
  • Integrate an open source discussion forum, common authentication and membership modules, subscription systems and license servers


  • We provide Application maintenance services ranging from minor enhancements to complete development life cycle maintenance
  • Offering application maintenance groups tasked with the care and feeding of enterprise software, which includes everything from fixing bugs to upgrading and developing applications
  • Providing functional and application support using dedicated teams to optimize and extending enterprise applications for functionality that continues to meet enterprise growing and changing needs.
  • Our application maintenance and support programs handle lower priority items including bug fixes, ongoing support issues, and data research helping our customers stay focused on major releases while providing ongoing support for a variety of other tasks


  • We begin customer projects with strategy and architecture, while building multiple large scale applications from the ground up
  • Offer applications that include significant, enterprise level databases including server tiers and web applications
  • Our architectural approach provides senior level guidance, helping our customers review their current systems against their business needs. In some cases, our clients ask us to look at business solutions, resource management, and Engineering Systems
  • Our architects will map previous knowledge-bases to understand what did and did not work with past iterations, helping you optimize resource
  • We help our customers with product guidance, project management, and overall team leadership


We provide a focal point for migration and porting-related activities, including issues around system performance and application optimization. We work directly with a technical representative from your company to ensure migration and porting requirements are resolved accurately and in a timely manner. Out migration and porting expertise addresses cross platform compatibility challenges enabling our customers to stay focused on product innovation.


Product development is more challenging than ever. Whether you are small or big, whether your software is used in an enterprise server, on your website, for your social network, or for another specific application, successful companies have a product development partner in place that can effectively manage product complexity and variability

We handle the complete process of bringing new software to the market and help your company with the complete product lifecycle management including idea generation, product design, and detailed engineering, as well as market research and market analysis


Before you spend loads of money on building your new idea – there is a better way to see if your idea or business has merit

Sofmen specializes in building software prototypes – Web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications and back-end applications. We follow a demanding design and development process to help you discover whether your idea is feasible. Our prototypes allow customers to test ideas and identify problems and subsequent solutions quickly and inexpensively by following a development process that ensures the highest quality solutions to your needs.

Sofmen’s feasibility and prototype development process:

  • A working prototype with running code (alpha version)
  • Foundation for building the first release
  • Full set of interactive screens
  • In-depth product planning work flows
  • Formal usability test


  • Our Quality Engineering is the process of delivering a product that meets or exceeds your specifications. Key components include accuracy, reliability, and maintainability
  • Our Quality engineering process includes conformance to customer specifications and consistent management/inspections of the process in order to guarantee quality. We use a process wherein customers or users are given quick and easy communication mechanisms to provide feedback
  • We deploy QA teams who develop a plan, conduct testing, enable improvements, and control management
  • Our teams have worked on a variety of projects, which have included a QA element. Usually, the process starts with reviewing existing systems
    and analyzing the data, which leads to test plans. Test suites are then developed, which could include full regression analysis.
  • Our QA process includes a planning and design phase where we will help customers design their own QA plan to understand and analyze a given


Web services are the underlying technology enabling all of us to effectively use the web and the internet. Our Web Services work has resulted in world-class Social Networking Applications, Web 2.0 Applications, E-commerce Systems, Internet Entertainment platforms and Wireless/Mobile products

We specialize in building large scale service oriented architectures that provide functionality for systems internal or external to the organization. Sofmen has experience building applications that communicate with back-end servers including nearly all server protocols

We take a comprehensive approach to developing web applications and functionality by using the following processes and elements:

  • Web Service Standards Listings
  • Directory access
  • Service Descriptions (Metadata)
  • Messaging and Function Calls
  • Web Services Interoperability organization (WS-I) Specifications
  • Business Process Specifications
  • Security Specifications
  • Reliable Messaging Specifications
  • Transaction Specifications
  • Publish-subscribe Messaging Specifications
  • Basic XML Specifications including SOAP, REST and JSON
  • Management Specifications
  • Draft Specifications