Sofmen is your Global Partner for Next Gen Solutions. With Customers like Electronic Arts, RealNetworks, SlingBox, and Phoenix Technologies, we builds advanced applications and provides architectural guidance.

We provide onshore/offshore outsourcing solutions to enterprises worldwide. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Sofmen uses a global on-shore/offshore software delivery model that combines the technical expertise of India with the business agility of the U.S. resulting in lower costs combined with high quality. We have developed a unique model of partnering with software companies to create a dedicated virtual offshore subsidiary complemented by highly skilled experts’ on-demand. We attempt and continue to provide value to our long-term customers and pride ourselves on being a true partner and our commitment to 100% reference-ability.
We have expertise in a variety of areas including enterprise solutions, web development, data warehousing, systems integration, technical communications, infrastructure management, and prototyping.

Anuj Khandelwal

Anuj is married to Ekta and they have two boys. Passionate about technology and a self-taught programmer, he still rolls his sleeves up and writes programs. Apart from work, he enjoys road trips, music, food, and friends.

I moved to the Bay Area in 1999 after successfully running my own software development organization out of India for 10 years. I founded Sofmen in the year 2002 and my focus during the last 13 years has been to collaboratively work with hi-tech companies in the US, while leveraging Sofmen’s abundance high quality & low cost talent available in India.

While working in US, I saw a clear gap between the sales pitch vs. actual delivery and the struggle outsourcing becomes because of cultural, communication and Time zone Differences. Unclear brief, lack of two ways communication and a remote team working on the projects makes outsourcing a painful task. Ideal solution to the challenge would be to have an outsourcing partner, who is on the spot and just a call away – working hands on in real time! Sensing this opportunity, I went ahead and established an offshore development center, where I lead and always remain at the top of the situation, to fill the gap between different cultures and build lasting partnerships with clients.

My passion helped me gain deep knowledge of managing software development in a global environment. While working with startup like, I had an extensive exposure & experience working in a startup environment, where the thought process are dynamic, ideas are continuously evolving, timelines are tight and the budgets are limited- but the final outcome is amongst the best!

Over time, we have grown in size and have a team of over 100 developers working at our office in India. Apart from outsourcing, we have also offer reviews to the client’s current outsourcing relationship and partners – Overseeing Quality, Codes, documentation and handover. This not only improves the quality and productivity, but makes Outsourcing a pleasure for the clients local team.



1. Project Delivery

  • We deliver >95% projects at or before the agreed upon deadline and within the agreed budget
  • We delivered 100% of projects at specification. Our customers depend on our skills and abilities to ensure that contingency plans are never enacted

2. Process Discipline

  • We use processes and systems which allow standardization and repeatability called Agile, which minimizes risk by developing software in short amounts of time
  • We develop software during one unit of time which is referred to as an iteration and may last from one to four weeks. Each iteration is an entire software project, including planning, requirements analysis, design, coding, testing, and documenting
  • The goal is to have an available release (without bugs) at the end of each iteration and for the team to reevaluate project priorities
  • Our Agile method emphasizes face-to-face communication over written documents and includes a full staff of testers, interaction designers, technical writers, and managers
  • We also emphasize working software as the primary measure of progress. This means that our customers benefit with projects that are delivered
    on time, on budget and at specification.

3. Cost-Reduction Expectations

  • Traditional IT outsourcing claims a 30-40% reduction in overall costs
  • We have achieved a 60 to 70% cost reduction for our customers
  • Our cost reduction is usually achieved starting in the first month, which is unique in the industry and is largely due to our 90% employee retention thus reducing learning curve of our employees
  • We cross-train employees on processes, systems and technologies and have an access to a highly talented local pool of technical resources from
    over 50 engineering colleges

4. Data Security/Protection

  • We use world class infrastructure to secure client’s data and have a dedicated T-1 line and VPN with the highest levels of security to protect
    customers’ information and privacy.

5. No Scope Creep

  • We are comfortable with a moving target  – The team can work in an environment where scope always changes
  • We use U.S. based project managers and architects in order to reduce the opportunity for scope creep
  • We use high-level, consistent communication processes to ensure that every project deliverable is tracked and monitored. If there is any deviation from a given project plan, Sofmen’s project managers immediately communicate with the customer to find a reasonable solution

6. Innovative

  • We work very closely with your team to completely understand the business processes. We are then able to offer innovative technological solutions specifically tailored to your business
  • We work with start up culture and always think disruptively to offer value and innovation at each stage of the project execution
  • Our team is young and capable of handling change request and new ideas, which we directly incorporate in our solutions

7. US Based Project Management

  • We have US based project managers available to work with your company to help facilitate and accelerate project delivery
  • Depending on your engagement model, taking advantage of our US experienced project managers will benefit your company. By having point of contact available anytime, you can have questions or meetings during US business hours.

8. US Principal

  • US Hours and available to the team
  • All of our off-shore employees are trained in U.S. practices, customs and language
  • Sofmen ensures that each of its employees fully understands the U.S. customer base, which is important for cultural alignment that ensures
    customer needs are met.

9. Knowledge Transfer

  • Sofmen has a rapid deployment plan which enables companies to transfer knowledge up to 10 times faster than with our competitors
  • Our process begins with a customer focused architect who understands customer systems. The architect creates a roadmap for knowledge
    transfer; thereby, educating the offshore team on business knowledge and helping the team ramp up quickly
  • Our highly trained, processed driven employees combined with US customer focused architects ensure that the customer information and
    knowledge is transferred quickly and easily, reducing the inefficiencies seen with other IT off-shoring organizations

10. Retained Business Knowledge

  • Sofmen is sensitive to a business knowledge that resides with its customers and their staff
  • We understand that much of this information is proprietary that provides our customers with their competitive advantage. We have processes and
    practices in place to ensure our customers’ business knowledge is never compromised
  • We have had a 90% retention rate throughout employee base and a 100% retention rate at the executive level.
  • We have put in years of work and hundreds of thousands of dollars to make work environment engaging and exciting.
  • We virtually have a zero turnover rate on a given project , which means you will not have to deal with new faces in the middle of a project unless they are added due to an increased project scale.


To assist our clients in developing software ideas and strategies worthy of bringing to fruition. To then architect and build the software into a full solution guaranteed to operate as planned.


When our Enterprise Customers contemplate a software project, Sofmen is the industry leading strategic and architectural partner capable of delivering timely, complete, and quality solutions at low cost.



  • Fixed Cost: If the requirements are clearly defined, we can estimate and deliver the project on fixed cost basis.
  • Time and Materials: If the requirements are open-ended or will likely change as development progresses, it is best to engage on a Time and Materials basis.
  • Staff Augmentation: Need to fill out your requirements? Sofmen can provide your company with Full-Time dedicated resources that exceed your
    expectations. The staff will work from our office and will be provided with office space, computers, Human Resources and career / training development as needed.

  • Outsourcing, if done correctly, can offer huge Quality and Cost advantages.
  • Challenges like cultural and time zones differences with which remote teams operate leave less room for value addition and execution of intended strategy and agreed plans.
  • The teams work as disjunct entities, which results in poor incorporation of feedback, delays in time line and mounting costs! Sofmen’s Role
  • We mitigate and bridge this gap with our unique and hybrid Onshore – Offshore model
  • The technical leadership is based out of US and works in tandem with clients to understand, map, and incorporate feedback of the project on a daily and one to one basis
  • We come in handy to bridge the cultural and Time-zone differences by keeping the project management and customer interface processes local, while we use off-shore development components at our offshore center
  • The model helps achieving a quick turnaround time, as the developments and feedback during the day is executed back in India during the Night hours – for you to review the subsequent day.
  • Around the clock work ensures that we correctly and quickly reach projected design and cost goals, while maintaining strict timelines.



At the backend, In India, we have a fully employed team of well trained, technologically updated human resources; converting product requirements into quality program codes and framework. We have a fully dedicated T-1 internet connection and maintain a detailed knowledge-base to ensure information accessibility.

As an organization, we follow a flat structure to facilitate open communication, spotting talent and providing opportunity at levels making employees contribute to their full potential.

We use a three tier responsive technical human resources structure:

  1. Team leads
  2. Senior managers
  3. Engineers

This structure allows us to be very effective on projects and allow career-paths keeping employees motivated. All technical staff at Sofmen have Master’s Degrees in computer science, and are proficient in one or more programming languages. In addition every employee must have a strong understanding of databases, and how to use a variety of different software frameworks, allowing us to deploy them on variety of projects.

We have a detailed training calendar that ensures that the staff goes through a minimum of six months of training before being deployed on a customer project. This helps technical staff understand our technologies and best practices before being deployed on customer projects. Our annual training calendar incorporates training needs on the latest technologies, which allows us to dynamically allot them to projects and maintain the agreed quality, cost, and timelines.

Technical teams at Sofmen:

  • System architects
  • Project managers
  • Server Engineers
  • UI Engineers
  • Software engineers
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • System Administrators
  • Designers and User Experience Experts